Actor network mapping gives an overall picture of the network of actors and components in the system. The focus is on roles, grouping and relations. The grouping aspect of the technique is used to organise the actors by their function.
Different points of view can originate different maps. By focusing on a service’s users, for instance, an actors map can visualise products, service and nature of the interaction between users and other actors. Although a user-centred map of the system would represent the user perspective, this kind of representation would not necessarily be a user oriented representation, indeed the nature of this representation may not be suitable for communicating with final users. Furthermore the Actor network map can be used as a mean to delegate main functions to actors.

external image Actor_Network_%28trains%29.gif

A network map could be used to represent an existing system or to generate models of a new system. In this case actor interactions could be mapped, in order to represent different possible configurations of the new system and analyse the interaction between the actors in each configuration.