In this page examples from students work are collected.
Easy Share 2007
EasyShare, is a service to make the use of car sharing accessible and user-friendly to elderly and hereby most other users.
Homesitting 2007
Hoilidays? A service can take care of your home while you are away, from gardening to collecting the mail
Communicating FOF 2007
A project on the design of a touch point between an organisation offering educational and recreational services and elderly people
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Your Way 2007
A service are offering elderly with reduces abilities better possibilities of using the public transportation and provides the elderly point to point transportation.
Active Link 2007
A networking-service designed to connect retired people through mutual activity interests.

external image 70x70-icon.GIFMyStore 2006
A shopping service system which provides assistance on all levels of the shopping experience
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ParkDirect 2006
A parking system which assists the driver concerning payment and location of vacant bays from the PDA brought in the car.

external image icon%286%29.jpgLibrary-to-Elderly 2006
A delivery service from the library to the partly dependant elderly. The service combines the delivery of books with social interaction.
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A system for composting at apartment blocks in Aalborg, admistred and provided by the municipality.

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DelightAssist is a food service system that delivers adjustable personal solutions. It is an alternative for the current food service systems for elderly.
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Book & Park
a booking service for parking. This means you can book a parking space in advance before entering the city.

Openexternal image icon%2824%29.gif Kitchen (2006)
The Open Kitchen, for people with a lack of motivation to cook, provides quality food and cooking assistance, within a correspondingly pleasant environment.
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A system that gives elderly people an overview of activities offered in Aalborg Kommune.

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Medicine Service System 2005
The project concerns a product service system, which supplies medical patients with prescribed and over the counter medicine.
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A system that improves the quality of toys, maximises the utilization of toys, and provides knowledge about children, play, and toys.

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A product service system which creates the setting for a nature tourist to get an experience in the nature.
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My Menu
A nutrition system designed for Aalborg Sygehus. The goal is to motivate the patients to eat.

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Intelligent Boarding System
A system, which can ease the transfer situation in an airport.
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DSB Fingerpeg
DSB Fingerpeg is a ticket system for public transportation starting from train-travels. The objective is to simplify the action of buying a ticket.