Designing for Services in Science and Technology-Based Enterprises

was an interdisciplinary research project initiated by Saïd Business School (SBS) at the University of Oxford. This one-year study (2006-2007) explored how academics, service designers, and science and technology entrepreneurs understand the designing of services in science and technology-based enterprises.
The research team produced a video and a publication

DePaul Health Center for SSM Health Care

DePaul Health Center for SSM Health Care "IDEO provided DePaul with a framework to create its new patient care delivery model and developed concepts to support the new model. In addition, IDEO worked closely with a cross-functional team from DePaul to prototype and begin testing some of the design solutions"

Bank Customer Service Strategy for Juniper Financial

"Juniper Financial, a financial start-up, asked IDEO to lead the design and development of an integrated financial service enterprise. IDEO helped them to define and establish a strategic plan, develop the optimal suite of offerings with a consistent service proposition, create interface concepts for the company's website, and identify an implementation schedule."

Jyske Bank (Denmark)

Bank services are now organized according to a complex disintegrated structure including several “modular” elements, whose integration is quite hard for the final customers, unless a consultant from the bank helps customers in generating configurations that are most appropriate for their own needs. In 2003 Jyske Bank, the fourth biggest bank in Denmark, has promoted innovative ways of managing the relationship with clients. In order to make the offering from the bank clearly visible to the customers the internal space of each branch was redesigned, creating a sort of market space at each branch entrance. In such a space, the bank’s offering are packed in boxes, similar to software packages (as in software packages, what is sold is information, not material products. Although people can download the same information from the internet, they often prefer to receive a package, as a sort of material proof of what they buy). Each box corresponds to an integrated solution for a specific aspect of customer’s life (what should I do if I want to donate some money to my grandchild? What should I do if I want to move home? What should I do if I want to invest my money?...or to buy a new car?) Each pack provides knowledge about the services provided by the bank to support those customers’ activities. The package has a barcode that activates a video on an information point where the customer can get an overview of the information included in the package. Other features of the layout, such as a coffee machine (with a special selection of coffee) and some reading space to get inspiration about travels, investments or home improvements offer an inspirational space, in which the customer should feel familiar and free to choose the services offered by the bank.
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