Social Innovation

People Cook: People with low income and a big passion for cooking are inviting people walking or working in the city around them for lunch. The lunch has a very low price and a high social value

Mobility Services

My TaxiA taxi service that cuts the intermediation of the dispachers and creates new opportunities for personalised services

Move Me (A DOTT 07 project)The project centred on Scremerston First School in Northumberland. Three miles from Berwick. The project looked at the school community's mobility needs and explored how they could be better served by combining existing services in smarter ways - for example, the planning of integrated journeys, vehicle sharing, or better use of community vehicles such as minibuses. Ultimately, the project team aimed to design a reliable and sustainable transport service that would help this particular rural community and also provide a model that would work elsewhere.

Streetcar (Live|work) fleets of cars are located around London, bookable online or over the phone and accessed with a smartcard and PIN. You pay by the hour and receive a monthly bill.
live|work has partnered with Streetcar as part of the strategy to shift from ownership to use; from product to service; from owning a car to simply having access to one. It seems like the ultimate design challenge, and to make this shift a service must rival the design quality of the product - we need to create “service envy”.

Healthcare Services:

**Active mobs** (A project developed by the RED Group) Mobs are small groups of people who carry out activity together on a regular basis. They are connected by the Activmobs system. Activmobs is a platform for activity. It provides webbased tools to help people find, suggest and start mobs, to monitor their progress, set goals and reward commitment. It provides support roles to motivate mobs and ensure their activity is effective.

**Alzheimer 100** (A DOTT 07 project) working in cooperation with the Alzheimer society four concepts have been developed to address problems for Alzheimer patients and their care givers:
1: Dementia Adviser Concierge Service
2: TimeBank for volunteers
3: Dementia Café
4: Wandering Path (Equal Arts, Shadon House)

**Bolton Diabetes Network** (A project developed by the RED Group) enables people to live well with type 2 diabetes.
Designers developed 'Agenda cards' - a simple tool that reframes the interaction between patients and professionals. They also prototyped the Me2 coach service - a new and powerful support role, like a life coach but for people with diabetes.
The Agenda cards allow patients to set the agenda for their consultation; getting to the heart of the problem in the first few minutes of a typical diabetes check-up and freeing up valuable consultation time to work on solutions

Bucks Shape 50 + (... a project developed by Engine. the full description of this project can be found here)
In recent years local authorities have been encouraged to embed a culture of engagement and community empowerment in the development and delivery of services.... Engine ( a service design consultancy in UK) was asked to facilitate the development of a best practice methodology for the engagement of local authorities, elected council members and service providers and users....
The project, called SHAPE (services Having All People Engaged), concentrated on the residents in the 50+ age range. The project aimed at improving access to transport and health for elderly residents of the county of Bucks.
The outcome of the project was a service called //HealthConnect// and a methodology called SHAPE

Design and Sexual Health (DaSH).Clinc areas for sexual health are relocated at the back of high street fashion stores, for example, might encorage people to look after their sexual health as part of their normal lifestyle.

**Saying hello** is a project funded in Wigan Borough UK and developed at the University of Salford, Institute for Health and Social Care Research, with the aim of working in partnership with elderly people, healthcare authoroties and voluntary agencies on investigating ways in which ageing people manage potential and actual loneliness and isolation and strategies to prevent and reduce loneliness.

**Southwark Circle** a public-private partnership involving Southwark Council, Sky and the Department for Work & Pensions,coordinated by Participle. New services are designed, that will improve the quality of life and well-being of older people. The Southwark Circle includes over 150 older people and helps them to take care of household tasks, forge social connections and find new directions in life.


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