Aalborg University, School of Architecture and Design. Service design is part of the Master in Industrial Design. The 1 semester of the master has Product Service Systems as the main theme. In this semester students work on a 13 weeks project on the design of a material and immaterial components of a Product Service System. Service design can also be the theme of the main projects for the 9th and 10th semester.

Northumbria’s School of Design
The MA Design – Service caters for those designers and non-designers who wish to study service design from a practical perspective. This pathway enables the graduate to become a service design consultant or service professional. Services could typically relate to designs for product interaction, or could add value to customer experience in areas such as leisure, transport and banking. Students will be expected to identify, investigate, design and present their service concepts, and will produce a written justification and evaluation. This pathway is delivered in Newcastle, UK.
Carnegie Mellon School of Design In the last few years the school has been promoting service design and pushing the boundary of the design discipline towards this area

Köln International School of Design. This is one of the first schools to introduce Service Design in the Design curriculum